• About Bright Data's API token and its usage

    What is Bright Data's API token? Bright Data's API Token is a secure method to replace your credentials (i.e. email address and password) when sending requests to Bright Data via API. How to use Bright Data's API token? You can exp...

  • I'm not being blocked by my target websites. Why should I still use Bright Data?

    Your block rate is not a reliable indicator of accessibility and accuracy of information. There are commercially available tools that help retailers and brands figure out that automated systems are attempting to access their site. ...

  • How does Bright Data differ from TOR?

    Compared with TOR, Bright Data has a different model of service: While TOR has around 20K IPs, which are all marked and identified, Bright Data's peer to peer (P2P) network has over 72 million residential IPs that are not identifie...

  • What is the waterfall?

    The Bright Data Waterfall is a method designed to make successful requests by automatically passing them from the data-center network to the residential network and then to the mobile network. It improves the success rate while low...

  • Is communication between relays encrypted?

    Yes. For super proxy requests, you can use either HTTP or HTTPS. The communication protocol is encrypted by using a proprietary algorithm.

  • How HTTPS requests are calculated?

    Since HTTPS requests are encrypted, we don't see the data inside the request. In order to measure number of requests more accurately, we count switches between sending data to receiving data while skipping protocol related switches.

  • What is Super Proxy?

    Bright Data's Super Proxy refers to: brd.superproxy.ioThis is the point of entry for our proxy networks.Bright Data's Super Proxies use advanced load balancing algorithms to provide the best results in terms of network speed.

  • What is an ASN (Autonomous System Number)?

    An AS (Autonomous System) is a group of IP networks operated by one or more network operator(s) that has an external routing policy. ASN is the unique global identifier (a number) that is associated with every AS.

  • Why is Bright Data faster than other proxy solutions?

    Bright Data has an inbuilt smart IP rotation management layer. Each request you make goes to one of our super proxies -- load balancing servers -- that then provide you with the IP address that is most likely to be available at the...

  • What is the impact on speed due to additional hops?

    While using the Bright Data Proxy means an additional hop (i.e. 3 hops) per request, it also means having the ability to run unlimited concurrent sessions with an exceptionally high success rate, which nullifies the effect of the a...