Getting Started

  • How to set up with Azure SSO (Entra ID) with Bright Data?

    Requirements: - Access to Azure account with relevant permissions- A Bright Data account with admin permission Steps: Go to and log in to your account. Choose  Settings->Account settings->Passwords & authent...

  • How can I gets alerts for events using webhook/emails?

    Bright data Notification center allows you to connect specific webhook to different status codes and events in Bright Data.You can set alerts for the following topics:- Billing -> account suspension, low balance, auto recharged fai...

  • How to set up SSO with Okta in Bright Data?

    Requirements- An Okta organization account with admin permission- A Bright Data account with admin permission   Steps:1. On your Okta admin dashboard, choose 'Applications > Applications' https://[your_domain]

  • Using Google Authenticator mobile app for 2FA

    Our account backend supports the use of the Google Two-Factor Authentication mobile app. Scroll down in your account settings for download and usage instructions

  • How can I activate my account?

    In case your account is suspended, you can activate your account from the control panelSetting pageIn case you are not able to activate your account, you should first check your Billing pageAnd add funds if the account balance is t...

  • I signed up but I have not received an email confirmation from Bright Data. What should I do?

    Check your spam folder. If it's not there, try to resend the mail and wait a few minutes before rechecking.If none of the above has helped, contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I setup a production account?

    Choose between our plans. After you have chosen a plan, send an email to with the plan you have chosen and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How to Add users to the account?

    Go to Account settings page Click on the + button next to 'Users' (Top left corner) Add the user's details in the modal Click Submit After you successfully added the user he will receive an email to set a password in order to log...

  • Users permissions

    When multiple people are accessing your account, you may assign each user one of four types of permission: Admin - can manage all aspects of the account, remove and add users, and control Billing functions Ops - can manage the zon...

  • What is the dashboard Timezone?

    The dashboard Timezone is UTC.

  • What's a Zone?

    A "Zone" is Bright Data's name for the specific set of parameters you have chosen to use for a set of proxy requests. When you join the Bright Data network, you will automatically be assigned our standard configurations. You are fr...

  • How to limit Zones by domain?

    In order to make sure you are using your proxies only on the websites you need, you can limit each Zone to a specific domain.Also, you can block specific domains you don't want to target from each Zone.Limiting Zone to a specific d...

  • How Can I estimate the cost of my account before signing?

    Check out Usage and Price calculator. It is built to help you estimate the costs based on traffic (KB) you are currently running and number of desired IPs.

  • Where can I find my credentials (IP/port/username/password)?

    Credentials for raw API Username and password: Your username and password for raw API requests can be found in the Zones page. Click the name of the desired Zone, and then in the window that popped up click the "settings" tab. You...

  • Is it possible to get more granular usage statistics?

    There are several options to get more granular data: Change the time span in the chart: Change type of data to show in graph:NOTE: https requests might not be 100% accurate since we don't see the data in it. see How we count https...