Browser Extension

  • Getting Started with Browser Extension

    Learn about Bright Data's Browser Extension. What it is, how to get started, and how it can be utilized to manage our various proxy products.  Bright Data's Browser Extension Our Extension allows you to use Bright Data from your b...

  • What is Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension?

    It's a browser extension that allows you to use Bright Data from your browser with minimum setup.

  • Why should I use it?

    Use the Proxy Browser Extension to self-test your website, verify your ads, or simply browse a site as if from another country. It's a powerful complement to the Bright Data Proxy Manager and an easy-to-use tool for less technical ...

  • What features are available in the extension?

    Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension supports datacenter and residential IP browsing, allowing you to search from any country. You can adjust the user agent, customize configuration of the DNS to maximize discretion or speed, and se...

  • How can I start using Proxy Browser Extension?

    Once you have an active account on Bright Data, install the extension here, set up your proxy and start browsing from anywhere in the world.

  • Why login message keeps appearing

    Bright Data uses cookies to remember your login credentials in order to keep your user experience at its best. If you are using third-party extensions that regularly removes cookies from your device then you'll see the login messag...

  • Does the extension work in incognito mode?

    Yes. Bright Data extension works on both regular and incognito mode. To enable incognito support on Chrome, do the following: Type chrome://extensions in the chrome address bar Make sure Allow in incognito is checked

  • When should I use custom headers?

    Custom headers are mainly meant to make the request more specific. You should use it in cases when you need to pass custom parameters with your requests to the target site. Every header should contain Name & Value and you can add a...

  • Why am I getting an 'error' message when I setup the extension?

    There are few possible reasons for proxy error when setting up the extension: A zone was not selected. Make sure that the form is filled correctly. Your account is 'disabled'. You can easily check this on your Dashboard. You have ...

  • How can I change the extension's settings?

    Open Extension setup page and change settings such as Zone, Country, Custom Headers, or anything necessary. Click 'Apply' when done, and your extension will be updated with the new setup.

  • Can multiple machines use the extension on the same account?

    Yes. there is no limit on how many extensions are logging to the same account.

  • Can I let other people use the extension without providing my account credentials?

    Yes. They will need to go to the extension setup page and login with the customer name,zone name and zone key of the zone you wish to let them access. All the zone info is available in the Zones section.You can also use this link i...