Billing & Pricing


  • Can I purchase the subscription via Amazon Marketplace?

    Yes, you can do so by using your existing Bright Data account, but please mind: You will be allowed to use only products purchased via Amazon marketplace. We do not support paying for Cloud Proxy Manager via Amazon Marketplace. A...

  • What happens if I process a chargeback dispute?

    In case you process a credit card chargeback or bank dispute and the reason is unjustified, Bright Data will charge a handling fee of $150 per charge.

  • All prices are in US dollars

    All of the prices posted on our website are the US Dollar prices

  • Payment verification

    Bright Data maintains high compliance standards based on the principles of deterrence, prevention, and enforcement of malicious activities to ensure that our network is both safe for customers and ethical. It is for this reason tha...

  • What is the time zone used for my billing cycle?

    All billing calculations are made according to our dashboard timezone which is UTC+0. How this can effect your billing? You have the option to enable and disable your Zones. The time of enabling/disabling will be in UTC time theref...

  • How Bright Data billing works?

    A minimum monthly commitment - Each plan requires you to commit to paying a minimum amount at the beginning of every month while your account is in “active” status. This minimum commitment will set the limits for your basic usage: ...

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  • Trial per product - Eligibility and Limits

      Bright Data offers a free trial for registered companies only.The free trial can be used for all proxy networks, Web Unlocker, SERP API, and Web Scraper IDE.Other networks are not eligible for a free trial.Contact your account ma...

  • Am I been charged differently for different domains?

    Some domains require special permissions or products. In case you are not sure which product to use for your use case, it's best to get your dedicated account manager or support team for a integration session

  • What is the limit for free zones?

    Bright Data customers can open up to 50 zones free of charge, any additional zone will cost $5/month.