Dashboard - Collector action menu

The collector action menu allows performing different actions with the collector.

  • Initiate by API - start a data collection without having to enter the control panel
  • Initiate manually - Bright Data's control panel makes it easy to get started collecting data
  • Run on schedule - select precisely when to collect the data you need
  • Versions - review the modified versions of the collector
  • Report an issue - You can use this form to communicate any problems you have with the platform, the collector, or the dataset results
  • Copy link - copy the link of the collector to share it with your colleagues
  • Tickets - view the status of your tickets
  • Advanced options:
    • Edit the code - edit the collector's code within the IDE.
    • Disable collector - temporarily disable the collector, but you can reactivate it if needed.
    • Delete collector - permanently delete the collector.


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