Initiate collector - Initiate by API

You can start a data collection through API without accessing the Bright Data control panel : Getting started with API documentation

Before initiating an API request, please create an API token. To create an API token, go to:
Dashboard side menu settings > account settings > API tokens


1. Set Up Inputs Manually - provide input manually or through the API request
2. Trigger behavior - you can add several requests in parallel that are activated according to the order they're defined. You can add another job run to the queue and run more than two jobs simultaneously.
3. Preview of the API Request - Bright Data provides you with a REST API call to initiate the collector. Please select the "Linux Bash" viewer for CURL commands. As soon as you send the request, you will receive a job id.


You will receive the data according to the delivery preferences defined earlier.

* Note : Receive data API call is required in order to receive data when delivery preferences is set to API download

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