Report an issue

You can use this form to communicate any issues you have with the platform, the collector, or the dataset results.


* Note : Tickets will be assigned to a different department depending on selected issue type. Please make sure to choose the most relevant type.


1. Select a job ID : issued Datasetmceclip4.png

2. Select a type of the issue:


  • Data

    * Note : This option is only available for managed collectors. Tickets will be sent direct to your collector engineer.

    • Missing fields 
    • Missing records
    • Missing values 
    • Parsing issues : The dataset results are incorrect
  • Collection and Delivery

    * Note : This type of tickets will be addressed to our support agents

    • Incomplete delivery : Something went wrong during the delivery
    • Collector is slow : The collector is collecting results slowly or stuck
  • Other

    * Note : This type of tickets will be addressed to your account manager.

    • UI issue : UI does not operate correctly
    • Product question : General questions regarding using Data Collector product
    • Something else is going wrong

3. (Parsing issues) Use the “bug” red icon to indicate where the incorrect results are


4. (Parsing issues) Enter the results you expect to receive

5. Write a description of what went wrong and the URL where the data is collected

6. If needed, attach an image to support your report


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