Dashboard - Output configuration

Schema defines the data point structure and how the data will be organized. You can change the schema structure and modify the data points to suit your needs.


Managed Collector : 

You can define the input and output configuration for how you would like the data to be structured. Bright Data will create the collector according to the schema you specified and will maintain it.


Self-Serve Collector : 

Self serve means that you would need to define the output configuration for how you would like the data to be structured and it will be your responsibility to maintain the collector.
Re-order, set default values, and add additional data to your output configuration. You can add new field names by going into the advanced settings and editing the code.



- Input / Output schema : choose the tab you’d like to configure

- Custom validation : validate the schema

- Parsed data : data points collected by the collector

- Add new field : in case you need additional data point, you can add fields and define field name and type

- Additional data : additional information you can add to the schema (timestamp, HTML, screenshot, etc.)


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