Dashboard - Delivery preferences


  • Choose when to get the data :
    • Batch : an efficient way of managing large amounts of data
      • Split batch : deliver the data in smaller batches as soon as it's ready
        • Note: when using this setting, filenames will append numbers and possibly a period to distinguish records. Example:
          Full batch:
        • Note: if splitting into success & error records, the same indicator strings will be included in the streaming results.
    • Real-time : is an ideal way to get a fast response for one request
      • Skip retries : Do not retry when error occurs. Can speed up collection
  • Choose file format :
    • JSON
    • NDJSON
    • CSV
    • XLSX
  • Choose how to receive the data :
    • Email
    • API Download
    • Webhook
    • Cloud storage providers : Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure
    • SFTP/FTP
    • Note : Media files cannot be delivered when it's set to Email or API download
  • Choose result format :
    • Result and Errors in separate files
    • Result and Errors together in one file
    • Only successful results
    • Only errors
  • Define notifications
    • Notify when the collection is complete
    • Notify success rates
    • Notify when an error occurs

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