How can I gets alerts for events using webhook/emails?

Bright data Notification center allows you to connect specific webhook to different status codes and events in Bright Data.
You can set alerts for the following topics:
- Billing -> account suspension, low balance, auto recharged failure

- Compliance -> TOS violation, validation fail, new blacklist IPs

- Network health -> products service disruption
- Maintenance -> IP replacements, released IPs/gips

The following table categorizes and describes each event code.

Category Subject Product Body Event code
Billing Account suspension due to insufficient funds   Your Bright Data account was suspended due to insufficient funds. 1000 - Insufficient funds
Billing Low balance   Your account balance is $X and nearing its limit. Please recharge your account to
avoid account suspension.
1001 - Low balance
Billing Auto recharge failed   Your payment method was declined and we were unable to add funds to your account using Auto-recharge. Please try again or use a different payment method. 1002 - Auto recharge failed
Compliance Account disabled due to TOS violation   We detected that your account has violated our TOS (Terms of Service). Please contact our
Compliance team for more information:
2000 - Account disabled
Compliance Account suspension due to validation fail   Your account has been suspended because it couldn't be validated.
Contact your account manager for more information <email>.
2001 - Account suspension due to validation fail
Compliance New blacklisted IPs   We've detected requests from suspicious IP addresses
that are running through your zones. We have added these IPs to your Blacklist. If you recognize these IPs, use the following API to add them to your Whitelist so they will not be blocked:

curl -X DELETE "" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer API_TOKEN" -d '{"zone":"ZONE","ip":""}'
2002 - Blacklisted IPs
Network Health Web Unlocker service disruption started Web Unlocker Web Unlocker is currently performing at a lower success rate for your targeted domains. 4000 - Web-unlocker service disruption start
Network Health Web Unlocker service disruption ended Web Unlocker We've resolved the issue and Web Unlocker is now showing high performance for your target domains. 4001 - Web-unlocker service disruption end
Network Health Service disruption started <Network> Our <network> network is down. We are working on a fix
and we'll let you know as soon as it's up again.
4002 - Outage start
Network Health Service disruption ended <Network> We've fixed the issue and the <insert_network> network is back up. 4003 - Outage end
Maintenance Scheduled IP replacement DC/ISP We're scheduling a change in the range of IPs in our DC and ISP networks on <insert date and time>
<add link to affected list (same as in email)>
5000 - Future IP replacement
Maintenance IP replacement completed DC/ISP IP replacement was completed.
<add link to affected list (same as in email)>
5001 - IP replacement completed
Maintenance Gips were released Residential/Mobile The following gips were released from your zone
<add link to affected list>
5004 - gips released
Maintenance Gips were replaced Residential/Mobile The following gips were released from your zone and replaced with new ones
<add link to affected list>
5005 - gips were changed
Maintenance Planned maintenance <Any> We are performing maintenance on <XYZ> that is scheduled for <insert date and time>. 5002 - Future maintenance
Maintenance Maintenance completed <Any> The maintenance on <XYZ> was completed. 5003 - Maintenance completed
TEST Test notification   This notification was sent from your control panel in order to test your webhook URL.
If you can see this message it means it's working as expected
0000 - Test notification

You can also subscribe to the Network health page with your email address.

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