How to collect hotel data with SERP API

Bright Data’s SERP API makes it easy to collect hotel data, like prices, availability, reviews, and more. 

There are two ways to collect hotel data:

  • Search for a specific hotel on Google Search
  • The hotel page on Google Travel (where you can get even more details and price combinations)

Note: To collect hotel data from Google Travel, you’ll need to enable the Hotels permission in your SERP API zone.

1. Search for a specific hotel on Google Search

When you search for a specific hotel using Google Search, its details and reviews appear in the resulting knowledge graph.


Setting arrival and departure dates along with the number of guests lets you see and compare some of the hotel’s prices. 

With SERP API, you can set these fields to collect different price combinations using dedicated parameters. You can play these parameters on the SERP API playground to adjust your search and generate a corresponding API.



2. The hotel page on Google Travel

The SERP API also lets you target the hotel page in Google Travel (Google.*/travel/hotels/…), where you can find more prices and search by additional parameters (including arrival and departure dates, the number of adults and children, the children’s ages, and whether or not it has free cancellation) to collect more price combinations. 


  • Only //Google.*/travel/hotels/… URLs are supported.
  • To target a hotel page on Google Travel, enable the Hotels permission in your SERP API zone. This service is provided at an additional cost, so we recommend creating an additional dedicated SERP zone that will be used to make /travel/hotels/… API requests.

All other SERP requests should be made from a SERP zone where the Hotels permission isn’t enabled.

  • This feature isn’t supported on the SERP API playground. Go to the API Guide for an explanation of how to target this page and the dedicated parameters you can use. 


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