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A : See more examples

- Examples of template code that our collector engineers built.

B : Add another step (stage)

- It is useful to add stages when you want to collect data from multiple pages. For example, in case you want to collect all products from Amazon search result page and details of all collected products. You can navigate the search result page on 1st stage to collect all product URLs and pass them to 2nd stage to navigate each product page.

- 'next_stage', 'run_stage' commands are available to interact between stages.

C : Help

- List of available commands, command explanation and examples of usage

- How to find a selector of data point you want to collect

D : Debugging Tabs

- Input : Define your input parameters and run a test (preview) with an input set

- Output : List of collected data

- Children : List of children which will be input sets of the next stage

- Run log : Code execution log

- Browser console : Collector browser console logs [browser > developer tool > 'console tab']

- Browser network : Collector browser network logs [browser > developer tool > 'network tab']

- Last errors : List of latest error information

E : Input

- Add input parameter : Define an input parameter including its name and type

- Add another input : Add the value of an input set to test

- Preview : Run a test with a selected input set

F : Code settings

- Error mode : Set a code behavior of the collector error case

- Take screenshot : Take screenshots during preview test. You will be able to check loaded pages during the test.

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