What is the API documentation and how should I use it?

The API documentation describes how to use Bright Data's API commands and optional flags used for automating and controlling recurrent actions executed on the account's settings, a specific zone or product, or a specific proxy.

API commands are usually used within a code script, and Bright Data's API supports various programming languages, such as: shell, Node.js, Java, C#, VB, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.

For example, in case you are using Bright Data with automated crawlers that connect to a proxy, and you want to keep your account secure, you may use the Whitelist IPs API command.

You can see the full options to control your account, including allocating/removing proxies from a zone, getting billing and BW information, or controlling your account status on our API documentation page.

Please note - in order to use the API documentation, the Bright Data API token is required, so the account's credentials are safe when sending API commands.

Different API endpoints can be used only with Ops/Admin token level



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