What is Bright Data SERP API?

Bright Data SERP API automatically extracts public data from search engines.

Search engines are constantly changing their SERP structure and algorithms. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP or SERPs) are also dynamic, meaning the results you see will depend on various factors, like your search history, device, and location.

Bright Data SERP API provides real user results in high volumes for all the major search engines. It enables a wide variety of tailored search parameters, and your search results data will be delivered in JSON or HTML output. Focus on extracting the data you need without worrying about getting blocked, and with the most accuracy and speed.

Common use-cases for the SERP API:

  • Organic Keyword Tracking - Mapping a company's ranking for various keywords in different locations
  • Brand Protection - Track top results for company brands and trademarks
  • Price Comparison - Search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors
  • Market Research - Collect information about companies, contacts, locations, and more
  • Detect Copyright Infringements - Search for images or other copyright‐protected content
  • Ad Intelligence - See which ads are showing for keywords in different countries, including double‐click & Google ad services

Features supported by SERP API:

  • Supports all major search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu 百度
  • A wide variety of tailored search parameters, including the number of results displayed per page, language, geolocation, time range, safe mode, etc. 
  • Searching for different types of data:
    • Text
    • Shopping
    • Product
    • Images 
    • Search by Image
    • Videos
    • Maps
    • News
    • Jobs
    • Hotels
    • Trends 
    • Reviews

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