What's a Zone?

A "Zone" is Bright Data's name for the specific set of parameters you have chosen to use for a set of proxy requests. When you join the Bright Data network, you will automatically be assigned our standard configurations. You are free to customize those configurations according to your needs at any time.
When customizing your features, Bright Data requires you to set up a "Zone" in which you may save and reuse a set of specific configurations and permissions for a project. You can set up to 50 zones and each zone may have its own specific configurations that you can use or change at any time. In case more zones are required, you will be charged an additional fee for each zone.
Examples of some of the Zone's settings to choose between:

  • Network (Datacenter / ISP / Residential / Mobile)
  • Dedicated (Shared IPs / dedicated IPs)
  • Residential permissions (Country / City / ASN / gIP)

Watch how to create a proxy Zone video

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