How to Whitelist IPs?

To prevent auto-blacklisting for a new IP, you must add the IP address of every machine that will use Bright Data to the whitelist of every Zone that the IP will use.

How can I whitelist IPs inside the Bright Data control panel?

  1. Enter the Zones page in your Bright Data control panel: 
  2. Click the specific Zone's name, then in the window, click the pencil icon next to the Whitelist IPs
  3. Type the IP you want to whitelist
  4. Click Add and Save. You are allowed to add IPs, ranges, subnets, or netmasks



Can I configure the Whitelist to include ANY IP?

Yes, you can choose to use ANY; however, when using 'ANY,' our blacklist security enhancement might block some IPs if they are identified as suspicious. Click the Edit icon, click the Remove icon next to the whitelisted IP you want to remove, and Save. Note that choosing Any IP will weaken the security measures used to protect your account.

How can I whitelist IPs using an API?

You can whitelist your IPs via API from our Web API documentation page.

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