Where can I find my credentials (IP/port/username/password)?

Credentials for raw API

  • Username and password: Your username and password for raw API requests can be found in the Zones page. Click the name of the desired Zone, and then in the window that popped up click the "settings" tab. You will find your credentials here. Notice that your credentials might be different for each Zone.
  • The full credentials for raw API (IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD) will be incorporated in the request string like this:brd.superproxy.io:22225:USERNAME:PASSWORD
  • You can use our request builder to help you with creating full API requests

Credentials for Proxy Manager

  • IP - an IPv4 address to access proxy through. If Proxy Manager is installed locally the IP address for credentials will always be: Proxy Manager is installed on a remote server/machine use the IP of that server/machine
  • Port - the port number you want to use from the Proxy manager ports you created (i.e. 24000).
  • When integrating Proxy Manager to a software which requires inputting IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD - USERNAME and PASSWORD should be left null.

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