Data center and ISP 100% uptime

Bright Data's Data center and ISP proxy type involve hundreds of servers and hundreds of thousands of IP addresses and so small connectivity problems may rarely occur from time to time.

To avoid interferences we offer the 100% uptime feature, make sure to mark the checkbox in your zone:




Once activated, in cases an IP is having connectivity problems your request will be routed through a different IP in our pool from the same geolocation as the original IP address.

In case you ask for a specific IP in the request, we will not route it through a different IP.

Shared IPs

In the case of zones with shared IPs, the allocation of fallback IPs will be made directly from our shared pool

Dedicated IPs

In the case of zones with dedicated IPs, the allocation process of fallback IPs will search for the most similar IPs using the following logic:
Use live IPs from within the zone → use available dedicated IPs from our pool → use IPs from our shared pool

Session continuity

To protect session continuity, the 100% uptime feature will not intervene in an existing connection. This means if an IP is experiencing connectivity problems while being used in an existing connection, the fallback IP will only start working once the existing connection will receive a socket hangup and a new connection is established.

Are changes in the code required?

Using the 100% uptime feature does not require any changes in your code or how you make requests. Just activate the '100% uptime' checkbox in your Zone settings and keep working as usual.


The 100% uptime feature can be switched ON and OFF via API

Free of charge

The 100% uptime feature is free of charge.

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