How does SERP API work?


  • The customer sends a SERP API request to Super Proxy
  • Super Proxy routes the request to a suitable peer
  • The request is sent to the search engine from the peer using Bright Data's Web Unlocker methods
  • A response returns from the search engine back to the peer, then back to Super Proxy, and then back to the customer

Build and practice SERP API requests on our SERP API Playground, which generates API commands according to the search parameters. Find more about it here


  • SERP API is only available via API (supported code languages are: shell, node.js, java, c#, python, VB, PHP, Ruby, Perl)
  • Session continuity is not supported as each request is sent from a different IP
  • HTTP and HTTPS URLs can be targeted. See How to send SERP API HTTPS requests

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