Why should I use Bright Data's SERP API?

  • Accuracy – Use real user devices with laser-focused geotargeting (including city-level) to collect accurate Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) from major search engines as a real user.
  • Built for volume – Bright Data can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods with high success rates and exceptional response time (under 5 seconds), regardless of your request volume.
  • Pay only for success – You only pay for successful requests.
  • Reduce costs – Save money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals, without worrying about server maintenance.
  • Avoid operational headaches – Each request is sent from a different IP ensuring no IP is flagged or banned.
  • Structured data response – Get responses in JSON or HTML format for easy integration with any system.
  • Highly customized – Bright Datasupports a wide variety of tailored parameters to answer your search requirements including different search types, different devices, results per page, etc.
  • Real Residential IPs – Access 72 million+ real user IPs in all geolocations.

With the Bright Data SERP API solution, you don’t need to manage proxies.
Focus your efforts on collecting SERPs as raw data (HTML) or as structured data (JSON) with added calculated fields, like rank and global rank, to help you understand an element's position.

Use the free playground to set your search and generate a corresponding code in multiple coding languages.

SERP API lets you use customized parameters (&lum), which provide you with more data points and price combinations.

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