My code/software/Proxy Manager bandwidth calculation is not similar to the numbers on my control panel dashboard, How can I debug it?

Your Brighdata Control panel Dashboard is the number we count into your monthly invoice as it calculates the rquests end BW, while LPM provides an assumption for requests BW. to see how we calculate BW, Click here

To repreduce the error and to make sure the numbers are correct, follow the next steps:

  • Reach your Account manager and schedule a debugging session related to your BW calculation
  • Open a new zone and name it "test" zone
  • On your terminal, run nslookup
  • Target one of the super proxies from the list and notify the Account manager/support manager which one you targeted
  • over your code/software, set prefixed amount of requests for testing (100)
  • Run the test in real-time while Account manager/suport tailing your logs to compare the numbers
  • Match the logs results to CP and your local software

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