Can you recommend ways for us to speed up proxies and drop slow ones?

In the 200 Response there is a field called "x-luminati-timeline".
The time in the field is the latency between the last IP and the site. You can use that to measure up to evaluate IPs.

Some fields and their meanings:

  • z20822-init:1 - time to initialize the superproxy (load balancer)
  • auth:80 - time to process authentication
  • dns_resolve:22 - time to resolve DNS
  • p2p_init:78 - time to initialize tunnel to peer
  • p2p_conn:97 - time connecting to peer
  • response:92 - time awaiting response
  • dn_1b:0 - remainder of fields are breakdown of transfer size, dn_1b:0 means that the 1byte field was 0 for this request

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