Rotate between as many unblocked IPs as possible

Switch an IP when it gets an error, and use it again only after it cools down several hours.

For optimal results use Bright Data Dedicated residential IPs.

To do this you have 2 options:

  1. Use our API to control the IP rotation:
    • Check the IP by session ID using or using our API
    • Check-in your log when was the last time it got an error
    • If you use dedicated residential IPs, get all available dedicated residential IPs per zone: /api/get_route_vips
      curl "" \ -H "X-Lum-Auth: lum-customer-lum_qa-zone-static-key-s6u19zy0zrys"
    • Use the IP until it gets an error (it is recommended to stop after 10 times)
    • Manage a log of blocked IPs: Document the IP and time it got an error
    • Get a different IP that didn't get an error in the last X hours
    • Repeat this as many times as needed
  2. Use our Proxy Manager to achieve the same by setting a simple Rule:
    • Go to Edit Port > Rules
    • Under the 'Trigger' type choose 'Status code'
    • Under 'Status Code(string or regexp)' choose the status code that you get when the request gets blocked, or choose custom and write it manually in the field that appeared below (e.g "888")
    • Under the 'Action' type choose 'Retry request with new IP'
    • Under 'Retries' write the number of times you want to retry sending a request using the same settings and a new IP

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