How do I know if I'm getting cloaked?

Why should I care?
Getting cloaked means that you're getting misleading information from the website you are scraping.
Example: If you are collecting comparative competitive information to feed your automatic pricing algorithms, the target website can return artificial lower prices to your requests, to skew your pricing and profits.

How to know when you're getting cloaked
When using traditional proxy networks (data center based IPs), your target websites may identify your activity quite easily and may cloak your requests. Therefore, the only way to ensure you're not getting cloaked is to rotate your requests through residential IPs.

Guidelines for rotating requests through millions of residential IPs:

  1. Open Proxy Manager
  2. Go to the 'Overview' tab
  3. Click the port of your residential zone
  4. Edit in the port settings 'preset' to 'Rotating (IPs)'
  5. Route your requests to{portnum} where the {portnum} is the port of the residential zone

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