How to accelerate your web scraping

Why should I care?
If the number of requests you rotate through a single IP are higher than what target websites allow, the website you target will identify your IP and block or mislead you with false information. It means that your information collecting can be much slower than what you're used to.

How do I improve the speed of my data harvesting?
Assuming you're running 10 million requests, 1 request per second per IP with 1000 data center IPs, your routine can take about 3 hours. With 10,000,000 residential IPs, your routine can potentially take 1 second.

Guidelines to rotate multiple parallel sessions through Bright Data's residential network:

  1. Open Proxy Manager
  2. Go to the 'Overview' menu
  3. Click the port of your residential zone
  4. Edit in the port settings 'preset' to 'Rotating (ips)'
  5. Route your requests to{portnum} where the {portnum} is the port of the residential zone

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