What happens if I join Bright Data in the middle of the billing cycle (in the middle of the month)?

If you join Bright Data in the middle of the month, your first minimum account commitment payment will be charged on the day you join and usage will retroactively apply only to the days in which your account was active during the month.
Example: You join the Bright Data Residential Network on the June 25th, your price plan has a $500 minimum monthly commitment and you make your first payment of $500.
What will happen on July 1st?

  • Our system will see your account was active for only 6 days during June which are 20% of the month, so the relative part of the minimum monthly commitment will be $100. Unless the cost of your usage was higher than that, $100 will be your cost for June.
  • We will send you an invoice and take $100 from your balance against June cost, leaving your balance with $400.
  • Since on the 1st of every month your balance needs to comply with your minimum monthly commitment, we will now charge your credit card for $100 in order to top it back to $500 to comply with your minimum monthly commitment for July.

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