How do I avoid subnet block range?

What is a subnet block range?
Smaller sections of a network are called subnets, which are useful for grouping hosts together and managing them all at once. Subnets are based on IP address, making it easy for websites or malicious users to target or block an entire subnet. For example, blocking 223 would block all IP addresses that begin with 223, while blocking 223.1 would only block IP addresses that begin with 223.1, and so on - this is the subnet block range.

Why should I care?
Because a database's IPs are often all within the same subnet, they are easily blocked by websites, especially if they are known proxies.

Avoiding subnet block range:
Residential proxies cannot be blocked this way, because they don't have subnet ranges. Using Bright Data's residential IPs ensures you won't be affected if a website uses the subnet block range method.

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