Using HTTP CONNECT for whois

To use this method of sending raw data through the proxy for WHOIS protocol you must get approved by your account manager

let auth = 'USER:PASS';
let http = require('http');
let conn = http.request({
    host: '',
    port: 22225,
    method: 'CONNECT',
    path: '',
    headers: {
        'Proxy-Authorization': 'Basic '+Buffer.from(auth).toString('base64'),
.on('connect', (res, socket, head)=>{
    if (res.statusCode!=200)
        console.error('CONNECT failed:\n'+res.headers);
    res.on('error', e=>console.error('CONNECT error: '+e.message));
    socket.on('error', e=>console.error('socket error: '+e.message));
    socket.on('timeout', e=>console.error('socket timeout: '+e.message));
    socket.on('data', d=>console.log(Buffer.from(d).toString()));
    socket.write('\r\n', console.error);
.on('error', console.error)

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