What are the different types of Data center IPs?

Shared IPs

IPs that one or more customers can use.
We have 2 pricing tiers for data center-shared IPs:

  • Pay per usage - connects you to a pool of 20,000 IPs that consist of a fixed allocated range of IPs from every country available.
    These IPs can be continuously rotated within the pool of 20k as needed (specific countries can be chosen in chrome, the Proxy manager or through API)
    You will be charged only for the usage.
  • Pay per IP - purchase individual IPs for your use (with unlimited BW or cost per gb) in the country of your choosing. You will be charged per IP and usage.

Dedicated IPs

Purchase an IP that only you use to access a target site. Just so you know – the allocated IPs are dedicated for your use only.
This IP type is more lucrative, and you can control the allocation of the IPs based on the following options:

  • Choose Target Domains as the target website you are accessing, which provides dedicated IPs not used by any other customers on those domains.
    You can choose multiple specific domains you are working with or all domains.

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