How to set up with Azure SSO (Entra ID) with Bright Data?


- Access to Azure account with relevant permissions
- A Bright Data account with admin permission


  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Choose  Settings->Account settings->Passwords & authentication in left side menu and toggle Microsoft Entra ID (Azur AD) switch
  3. Copy to clipboard value from Initiate login URI field by clicking on the copy button.
  4. Go to and log in to your account. 
  5. Select Identity->Applications->App registrations on left side menu and click New registration:
  6. Type application name (e.g. brightdata).
    Select Accounts in this organizational directory only (Default Directory only - Single tenant)
    In Redirect URI (optional), select Web option, paste copied value from step (3) to the next field.
    Click Register button.
  7. On the newly created application, copy Directory (tenant) ID value by clicking the copy icon and paste it on Bright Data’s OAuth2 issuer (tenant) field in Configure EntraID form
  8. Do the same as the previous step for Application (client) ID value and paste it in Client ID field
  9. On your application, click on Add a certificate or secret
  10. Click on New client secret.
    Fill the Description field (e.g. brightdata secret), select the Expires option you want and press add
  11. Copy secret’s Value
  12. Paste copied value on your Configure EntraID form in Client secret field
  13. You may deny your users to sign in with email and password, and add exceptions.
  14. Press Activate
  15. You may customize your Users and groups on Identity->Applications->Enterprise applications->(your new application)->User settings

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