Trial per product - Eligibility and Limits


Bright Data offers a free trial for registered companies only.
The free trial can be used for all proxy networks, Web Unlocker, SERP API, and Web Scraper IDE.
Other networks are not eligible for a free trial.
Contact your account manager to help with trial configurations.

The trial per product is limit by default by the following:

Product Usage metrics Default limit


Data center /ISP BW (GB) 1,000  
  IPs 200  
Residential shared BW (GB) 1,000  
Residential Dedicated  Group IPs (Gips) 200  
  BW (GB) 1,000  
Mobile  BW (GB) 1,000  
Unlocker Requests 1,000,000  
SERP Requests 1,000,000  
IDE  Page loads 1,000,000  
Scraping browsers BW (GB) 100  
  Compute time (hours) 1  

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