Request a Custom Dataset


Bright Data's 'Request a Custom Dataset' feature offers a streamlined and tailored approach to data acquisition. This guide outlines the steps to request and obtain a custom dataset suited to specific needs.


Step-by-Step Process

1. Initiate Request

- Access: Navigate to the 'Request Datasets' section to begin your custom dataset request.


2. Specify Data Requirements

- Details: Select specifics for your dataset, applicable for single or multiple requests.


3. Setup and Review

- Sample Dataset: Create and review a sample dataset.

- Schema Review: Review and adjust the AI-generated schema or upload a custom schema in JSON format.

- Approval: Click 'Approve Schema' after making necessary adjustments.


4. Review Data Sample

- Examine Sample: Assess the AI-created dataset sample to ensure it meets your criteria.

- Format Options: Download the sample in JSON or CSV format for detailed review.

- Approval: Click 'Approve Sample' to confirm it meets your requirements.


5. Define Data Collection Scope

- Scope Options: Choose from 'All Content', 'Part of the Website', or 'Unique URLs'.

- Detailing: Provide an estimate of unique product records and specific collection details (e.g., 'all TVs in Electronics').

- Confirmation: Click 'Approve Scope' to finalize your selection.


6. Set Validation Rules

- Rules Configuration: Set parameters for minimum and maximum records, record completeness, and limits for crawl errors.

- Quality Assurance: These rules ensure data accuracy and integrity.

- Finalize: Click 'Approve Rules and Complete Review'.


7. Complete Request and Proceed to Payment

- Final Review: Ensure all details are accurate and complete.

- Payment: Click 'Continue' to proceed to the payment step.


8. Payment Process

- Billing Details: Enter your billing information.

- Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method.

- Confirmation: Complete the payment to initiate the data sample preparation.


9. Order Confirmation and Tracking

- Confirmation: Receive order confirmation with a 'POC' badge for easy tracking.

- Tracking: Use the 'Track Your Request' feature to monitor progress.


10. Data Collection Progress

- Behind the Scenes: The system is actively collecting and validating data from the target website.


11. Data Sample Review

- Notification: Receive an email or dashboard notification once the data sample is ready.

- Validation Results: Review the validation results for data accuracy and integrity.

- Sample Review: Examine the data sample for quality and relevance.

- Options: Download the sample, report issues, or proceed to purchase the full dataset.


12. Purchase Options

- One-time Purchase: Acquire the current dataset snapshot immediately.

- Subscription: Opt for regular dataset updates with a recurring charge.


13. Finalizing the Full Dataset Request

- Decision: Choose the appropriate purchase option based on your needs.

- Completion: Confirm the order and expect to receive the full dataset as per the estimated timeline.

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