Getting Started with Browser Extension

Learn about Bright Data's Browser Extension. What it is, how to get started, and how it can be utilized to manage our various proxy products

Bright Data's Browser Extension

Our Extension allows you to use Bright Data from your browser with minimum setup



How to install the extension:

  1. Make sure you have a Bright Data account or Create new Bright Data account in
  2. Download the Extension here and click "Add to Chrome:

  3. Add extension:

  4. Go to browser settings and Manage Extension:

  5. Make sure its On and go to "Details":

  6. Toggle On "Pin to toolbar":

  7. Once the "Pin to toolbar" turn on click see on the Bright Data icon in tool bar:

  8. Once you Bright Data account is active click "Sign in with you account" and type your credentials in the new Control panel tab that will be open:

  9. Click the extension icon, turn it on and start working with the extension:

How to start work with the extension:

  1. For starting to work with our extension you will need to make sure you have at least 1 active zone in your bright data account in My Proxy page or Add new Zone. For more Zone creation details visit our Datacenter, ISP, Residential and Mobile guides.

  2. Select the zone you like to work with in the extension:

  3. Select or Change country and city geo-location. please note city can be selected with Residential and Mobile zones:

  4. Turn on the Proxy and start using it:

How to enable city selection:

  1. Go to Control panel My proxy page
  2. Click on the zone you would like to enable it (Residential/Mobile):

  3. Go to Geolocation targeting and select City:

  4. Save the zone 

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