How to Disable Web Unlocker's Default CAPTCHA Solver?

By default, as part of our full proxy unblocking solution, Web Unlocker also solves CAPTCHAs that are encountered while returning your proxy request. 

When disabling CAPTCHA solver, our intelligent algorithm still takes care of the entire ever-changing flow of finding the best proxy network, customizing headers, fingerprinting, and more, but intentionally does not solve CAPTCHAs automatically, giving your team a lightweight, streamlined solution, that broadens the scope of your potential scraping opportunities. 

Best for: 

  • Scraping data from websites without getting blocked
  • Emulating real-user web behavior 
  • Teams that don’t have an unblocking infrastructure in-house and don’t want their scraper to solve CAPTCHAs automatically

How can I get started? 

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