Cannot Login to on-Premise Proxy Manager

If you fail to login to your Proxy Manager(PM), please do the following:

  • Make sure that the computer that runs PM is not using a VPN.
    Mind that using a VPN while running PM might cause login problems, and also slow down the  connection to the proxies
  • Close PM (the terminal's black screen where PM is running)
  • Delete cookies on your browser
  • Open PM again (it takes about 1-2 minutes for PM to load) 
  • Try to log in on the same method you did before (by using Google, or by using your registered mailbox and password)

Alternatively, you may switch the hosting of Proxy Manager to our Cloud. We will take care of hosting and even load-balancing between several instances of Proxy Managers.

P.S.  After PM loads, the default browser should open automatically on PM's login page. If it does not, open your browser, browse, and then try to log in.

Proxy Manager connection error (port status is not "ok")

If you cannot log in to Proxy Manager, or If Proxy Manager cannot connect to Super Proxy (i.e. port status is not OK), check the following:

  • Make sure that VPN is not turned on
  • Make sure that there is no anti-virus or any other security software (such as 360, Norton, etc.) blocking traffic sent from Proxy Manager
  • Make sure that the firewall (OS / server / any other security software's firewall) allows TCP traffic through ports 22000-25000
  • If the proxy manager software is installed on macOS/ Linux server - Verify that:
    • Node.js version is between 12.18.3 and 14.18.1
    • NPM version is between 6.14.6 and 8.1.3
    • If versions of NPM and Nodejs are not the one we're supporting - please remove them and install the versions that we specified. More information regarding Linux/Mac installation can be found at our GitHub page


Why Am I getting '400 Proxy Error: ip_requested_not_allocated_by_customer' ?

When Using the Data center/ISP or Gips products, the error code 400 can appear in case the IPs under your zone has been refreshed, removed, or simply changed due to system updates

Whenever this error appear, you should go to your Bright Data Zones page , and Download the new list of IPs relevant to this zone.

Make sure you also update the list of IPs in case you are using the proxy manager tool with prefix of IP<>port setup


curl --proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-c_c178f564-zone-isp-ip- "" -v


Gathering logs 

In the default Proxy Manager installation, you will find all the relevant files under proxy_manager in the home directory.

  • On Windows it will be:C:\Users\{YOUR_USER}\proxy_manager
  • On Mac and Linux it will be:~/proxy_manager

Where are the level to choose from

You can control the verbosity of the logs by Log level. The Proxy Manager has the following logging levels:

  1. error - not expected errors and crashes
  2. warn - expected errors and warnings
  3. notice - user actions
  4. info - requests
  5. debug - debug details

How to set the desired log level

Logs level can be controlled from General settings.

  • Go to General settings section
  • From Log level choose the log level you need

Contact support

If you were unable to solve the issue you're facing, You can contact our team in the following ways:

  1. Contact your Success Manager directly
  2. On-premise Proxy Manager  - Submit a bug from the admin panel of the (http://localhost:22999) see image below:

  3. Cloud Proxy Manager

Note: Please send all relevant logs when contacting support

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