Website classification and pricing

Website classification

To keep your data collection as cost-efficient as possible, we have two pricing tiers:

  • Regular websites - The vast majority of websites on the web. 
  • Premium websites - These are sites where extra resources are required by our Web Unlocker to keep this website unblocked. You can find a list here.

Having two tiers allows us to offer you a lower price for most websites and only apply premium pricing for the most difficult and resource-consuming websites.

Website classification changes

A website’s classification as “regular” or “premium” may change over time, like when we find a way to use fewer resources or when websites make changes that impact our access costs. That being said, website classifications cannot change more than once a month, and we will provide a one-week notice before a change of classification.

In the event of a change in website classification from “regular” to “premium,” we will also ask for your approval before we apply the change. If approval wasn’t provided within one week, we will block requests to the website until approval is given, so you can avoid unexpected charges.

In the event a website changes its classification from “premium” to “regular”, we will apply the cheaper pricing immediately and send you notice of this. 

Targeting Premium websites

If you'd like to target websites classified as “premium”, you will need to enable the "Premium domains" feature in your Web Unlocker proxy zone. If you would try to target premium websites without enabling the premium feature, we will disregard these requests in order to avoid unexpected charges to the customer.

Explore a Website's Classification and Pricing

You can use the website classification explorer available in any Web Unlocker proxy zone or take a look at our list.

The additional cost of premium websites can be seen in the ‘Estimated cost’ section of your proxy zone.



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