Learn about Bright Data’s Web Unlocker integration options and some tips for best use.

Support for Browser Automation Tools 

Web Unlocker is best suited for web pages that do not require any browser interaction and as such, it is not made for use on browsers or 3rd party tools like Adspower, Puppeteer, or Multilogin (MLA). If you need a solution that interacts with a browser or integrates with one of the above tools, check out our Scraping Browser solution.

If you do attempt to use a browser automation tool alongside the Web Unlocker, you might see high charges and duplicate requests, since any sub-request sent by the browser automation tool will use the Web Unlocker fingerprint method as well.

We recommend sending Web Unlocker requests with a cURL request, or any other code-based request method.

API Requests 

Here's an example of the most simple Web Unlocker request using cURL that returns a JSON:

curl--proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-<CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<WEB_UNLOCKER_ZONE_NAME>:<ZONE_PASSWORD> ""

For an in-depth look into our API, see our API Documentation

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