Mobile IP types

Learn about the different types of Mobile IPs and see which one is right for you. 

There are two types of IPs that we offer within our Mobile Proxy: Shared and Dedicated


IPs that are shared across multiple users. Connect to our entire network of 7 million Mobile IPs. Rotate between countries, cities, and ASNs using the Proxy Manager, Extension, or raw API commands.

Cost is calculated per GB consumed, according to your monthly plan.

  • Shared IP features:
    • Geolocation targeting - The IP allocated to your zone will be from the selected country, city, ASN, or zip code. Select the needed parameter from the drop-down menu. 


      • Sending a request with Geolocation:
        • With a 'Shared' IP, you'll be able to control your geolocation targeting when you send a request.
        • To target a specific country, add the -country flag to your request, for example, if you'd like to send your request from the United States ('us'), your request using a shared IP will look like
          curl--proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-<CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<ZONE_NAME>-country-us: <ZONE_PASSWORD>  ""


IPs that are set aside for your use only. Since Bright Data's Mobile network is an opt-in, peer-to-peer network made up of millions of devices around the world, Bright Data developed the group IPs (gIPs) method to further enhance your dedicated IP capability.

  • Dedicated IP features:
    • Dedicated IP groups (gIPs) - gIP contains between 6-90 IPs at any given moment while sharing the same attributes, targeting the selected dedicated domains within the zone "access parameters" section.
    • mceclip1.png
    • Geolocation targeting - The IP allocated to your zone will be from the selected countrymceclip3.png
      • Sending a request with Geolocation: When you send your request, it will originate from the country you've selected within your zone configuration. There is no need to add additional country flags.
        For example, if you've configured your 'Geolocation targeting' country to be the United States ('us'), you may send your request with the following default syntax and we will automatically route it through whatever is set in your proxy's configuration:
        curl--proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-<CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<ZONE_NAME>: <ZONE_PASSWORD>  ""
    • Domains - Define the domains you'd like your IPs to be exclusive to. Requests to any other domain will be sent from our super proxies.
    • Note: There is no option to add "All domains". Requests to domains that are not in the list will be sent from the super proxy server resulting in a super-proxy bypass and will be either blocked or rerouted through a different proxy. 

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