Find the right proxy product for your business

See below which of Bright Data's proxy products best fits your custom business needs. 

If you are looking for a complete ready-to-use Dataset, please check out our Web Data products.



Product Best for
Proxy Unlocking Solution

Web Unlocker

✔️ Use cases: Scrape websites via HTTP requests without getting blocked
✔️ Autonomously manages IP rotations, request retries, headers, User-Agents, fingerprints, CAPTCHA solving, and more
✔️ Only pay for requests that are successful 

Proxy Unlocking Solution


✔️ Use cases: Specifically for targeting and scraping search engines
✔️ Contains all of the above Web Unlocker technology
✔️ Support for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, and Naver Search APIs 

Proxy Unlocking Solution Scraping Browser

✔️ Use cases: Scrape data via browser sessions without getting blocked

✔️ Puppeteer/Playwright/Selenium integration

✔️ Navigating through a website, clicking buttons, scrolling to load a full page, hovering, and more

Proxy Network Datacenter

✔️ Use cases: Web Scraper bots, social media monitoring, scalper bots, managing multiple online accounts 
✔️ 770k Datacenter IPs
✔️ 99.99% network uptime & best performance

Proxy Network ISP

✔️ Use cases: Similar to Data Center but with higher success rates for challenging sites
✔️ 700k Static residential (ISP) proxy IPs
✔️ High speeds & keep IP for life 

Proxy Network


✔️ Use cases: Large amounts of data, review monitoring, ad verification, competitive market analysis, business intelligence, and more
✔️ 72 million Residential IPs
✔️ Target any country, city, carrier, & ASN
✔️ Highest success rate for challenging sites 

Proxy Network


✔️ Use cases: View sites as a mobile user, verification of ads, prices, carrier & geo-specific info, website performance/latency on 3G/4G, and more
✔️ 7 million Mobile Residential IPs
✔️ Automatic IP rotation, country, city, carrier & ASN targeting

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