Billing & Pricing for our Proxy Solutions

Learn how pricing is calculated for all of our Bright Data Proxy Solutions, and find out which plan is best for you.


We offer two main pricing plans to choose from: monthly and annual. Each plan has its own benefits, depending on your needs.

  • Monthly Plan 
    • Best for: teams who prefer flexibility and want to subscribe on a month-to-month basis.
    • Four subscription tiers available:
      • 'Starter' - minimum of $500 spent/mo
      • 'Advanced' - minimum of $1000 spent/mo
      • 'Advanced+' - minimum of $2000 spent/mo
      • ‘Enterprise’ - Contact sales
    • Receive better rates for higher tiers.
  • Annual Plan
    • Best for: teams who have frequent usage of our proxy solutions and are looking to save money by committing to a longer-term subscription.
    • Offers the same subscription tiers as the monthly plan but with discounted rates.

We also offer a Pay as you go model to accommodate teams that have unpredictable or sporadic usage of our proxy solutions.

  • No commitment required
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Add funds to your account at any time and get notified when you are running low on funds.


Visit our pricing page to see our up-to-date pricing. You can also see the pricing when adding a proxy product within your control panel.

Billing Calculation per Product

  • Web Unlocker and SERP API 
    • Calculated per request
    • Measured in $ per CPM (cost per 1000 requests)
    • Only successful requests are counted
    • Web Unlocker Premium domains tier - For some of the more challenging domains that Web Unlocker supports
  • Scraping Browser
    • Calculated per bandwidth + Session time
      • Bandwidth: $/GB - We bill for all traffic passing through our browsers based on the rate from your plan. This is done proportionately for any traffic less than 1 GB.
      • Session time: $/h - We bill a flat rate of $0.1/hour/session
        • We calculate charges on a per-second basis and bill proportionately for any time less than an hour
        • Examples: 
          • Q: If I have 10 sessions, each 1hr long, how much will I be charged? A: $1
          • Q: If my session lasts 60 seconds, how much will I be charged? A: 0.10/60 = 0.001666667 USD
  • Proxy networks (Datacenter, ISP, Mobile, Residential)
    • Calculated per bandwidth consumption 
    • Measured in $ per Gigabyte (GB)

  • Proxy Manager

    • On-Premise - Free. 

    • Cloud -
      • $150/month for the first 3 instances of Cloud proxy manager.
      • Every additional instance - $50/month.
      • Activate it today to receive your first week for FREE.
      • Benefits - Bright Data's hosting service take care of all the maintenance and monitoring with a team on call 24/7 team to intervene where needed

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Didn't find a plan that fits your needs? Reach out to our sales team and we'd be happy to accommodate you.

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