ISP Proxy: How To Guides

Take a deeper look into our ISP Proxy network and explore the different targeting options, control panel configurations, and more.

Getting Started

If you haven't yet seen our ISP Proxy Getting started guide, you'll want to go there first to briefly review how to create an ISP proxy network, send your first request, explore the control panel, and more basic actions.

How to

Learn how to target a specific country or city when sending your request, set a limit on bandwidth consumption, integrations, statistics, and more

How to: for ISP specifically 

Use a Specific IP 

When using Bright Data's ISP Proxy network, you may find the need to use a specific IP allocated to your zone.

  1. Locate the IP you want to target

  1. Add the -ip- flag to your request, after your zone’s name

curl --proxy --proxy-user brd-customer-<CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<ZONE_NAME>-ip- <ZONE_PASSWORD> ""
  1. Send a test request, and review the response 

{"ip":"","country":"BR","asn":{"asnum":61317,"org_name":"Ipxo Uk Limited"},"geo":{"city":"São Paulo","region":"SP","region_name":"Sao Paulo","postal_code":"01323","latitude":-23.5335,"longitude":-46.6359,"tz":"America/Sao_Paulo","lum_city":"saopaulo","lum_region":"sp"}}

We recommend using as the target domain in your request, to review your IP credentials.



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