IP Targeting Options


IP targeting is a crucial feature for obtaining accurate data as viewed by users from specific locations. Our platform offers a variety of IP targeting options to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Available Targeting Types

We provide the following IP targeting options:

  • Residential and Mobile networks: targeting by country, city, ASN, and zip code
  • Datacenter and ISP networks: targeting by country and city

When making requests using any of these targeting options, your request will be sent through an IP address that matches the specified criteria. For example, an IP from New York City or from zip code 1234.

How to Configure and Use the Different Targeting Options

Residential and Mobile Networks

When selecting a shared IP type, the full range of targeting options is available under 'Geolocation Targeting.' You can select any targeting type needed for your data collection and save changes in your proxy.


When selecting the dedicated IP type, you can allocate IPs from any country and city you need.


Datacenter and ISP Networks

When selecting a shared (pay per IP) or dedicated IP type, you can allocate IPs from any country and city you need in a similar manner to the Residential network dedicated IP option.

How to Use IP Targeting

To target a specific IP, you will need to add the relevant targeting parameter and value to the username part of your request. The options are:

  • Country:
-country-<country abbreviation>
  • City:
-city-<city abbreviation>
  • ASN:
-asn-<AS number>
  • Zip code:
-zip-<zip code>


Here is an example of targeting an IP from Memphis, US and zip code 12345:

curl --proxy brd.superproxy.io:22225 --proxy-user brd-customer-<ACCOUNT ID>-zone-<ZONE>-city-memphis-zip-12345:<PASSWORD> "<TARGET SITE>"


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