Cache proxy feature - overview


Bright Data's cache proxy is a feature that aims to reduce the unneeded load from target sites by allowing customers to have their successful results cached on the one hand and, on the other hand, to receive cached results to their requests when possible.


Healthier ecosystem

It is technically possible to overload a website by consuming its resources and causing performance issues in the data collection field. Bright Data, on top of putting systems in place to avoid target site overloading, is also offering the cache proxy feature to avoid making redundant requests to target sites in cases where we have an up-to-date cache record from an identical request made by another customer.


Improved performance

Responses received from our cache are roughly 20 times faster!

This means that as our cache usage grows, performance will keep increasing.


Financial benefit

To promote our goal of maintaining a healthy ecosystem, we are providing a usage discount for any usage going through a proxy zone that is opted in to cache proxy.

While the cache records we will serve may be a small percentage of the overall proxy zone usage, the discount will be applied for the full use of the proxy zone.


How it works

  • Bright Data account Management only can enable this feature
  • Once switched on, we will walk you through some instructions required for the cache proxy to work.step.png


  • Finally, save the changes in your proxy



  • Once done, keep using your proxies as usual. No changes at all are needed from your side




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