Web Unlocker Troubleshooting

Headers & Cookies management

Web Unlocker automatically manages all headers and cookies in your request to get the best results. Therefore, any header/cookies sent along with the request are disregarded.

If your use case requires additional headers or cookies, please create a ticket and send us the complete details about your request and what you expect in the response, including which headers/cookies you want to add.

Please note:

  •  We do not allow cookies for login/authentication purposes
  • Adding special headers/cookies to the request may result in blocking and a drop in the success rate.
  • Performance drops due to headers added to the request are not been monitored by bright data 
    systems and handling blocking events might take longer to resolve 


Common error codes

Occaisianly, for a different number of reasons, you might receive an unexpected error code in response to your Web Unlocker request. 

The following list will provide you with a deeper understanding of what the source of the issue may be.

  • 404 - Page not found. Invalid URL, which suggests the URL might be broken or dead.
  • 403 - The URL you're trying to access is valid, but you are forbidden from accessing that URL.
  • 502 - Error code '502' is the most common error for Web Unlocker users, the descriptive part is under the x-luminati-error-code.
  • 407 - This error code suggests one of your account credentials is incorrect (password or zone's name).
  • 429 - This error code implies a rate limit (rare). In such cases, if the response appears as below, Bright Data is applying auto-throttling to the request, and you should open a ticket or email support@brightdata.com for assistance (you can read more about Auto-Throttling here):
    < HTTP/1.1 429 The request was auto-throttled due to low success rate
    < x-luminati-error-code: sr_rate_limit < x-luminati-error: The request was auto-throttled due to low success rate < x-brd-error-code: sr_rate_limit < x-brd-error: The request was auto-throttled due to low success rate < date: Tue, 23 Jan 2024 17:07:19 GMT < connection: keep-alive < keep-alive: timeout=5 < transfer-encoding: chunked < * Connection #0 to host brd.superproxy.io left intact
  • 401/411/444 - Bad request, usually happens in API requests when headers or cookies missing.
  • 503 - HTTP error code 503 means "Service Unavailable". Browser check failed or browser check wasn't completed

Contact support

If you encounter an issue with Web Unlocker, before reporting it to us, please test with the instructions and tips below:

  1. Open 'API & Examples' in your control panel
  2. Select 'curl' and your Web Unlocker zone
  3. Paste the URL of your target in the 'URL' box
  4. Copy with the button on the right
  5. Add ' -v -o test' to your command (this will turn on verbose logging, and create an output file named 'test' for you to share with our support agents)
  6. Run the command and check the output (make sure to check the static source HTML for the data also)

If this test reproduces your issue, please contact support@brightdata.com and share the following within the body of the email:

  • the cURL request you sent to generate the result
  • the full verbose output from running the command
  • the response returned from running it (the 'test' file)
  • whether you are using a browser automation tool or not (The Web Unlocker does not support them or any 3rd party integrations except for your code, check out ).

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