I updated input/output schema of my managed collector. Can I use it while BrightData updates my collector?

When input/output schema is updated, the collector needs to be updated to match new schema. If the collector is in work and not updated yet, you'll see 'Incompatible input/output schema' error.

UI :



Via API : 

{"error":{"code":"input(output)_schema_incompatible" ... }}


If you want to initiate it ignoring schema change, you can click 'Trigger anyway' on UI. API, you can add

- output schema incompatible : 'override_incompatible_schema=1'

- input schema incompatible : 'override_incompatible_input_schema=1'

parameter when triggering the collector : 

curl"https://api.brightdata.com/dca/trigger?collector=ID_COLLECTOR&queue_next=1&override_incompatible_schema=1"-H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer API_TOKEN" -d "[{\"url\":\"https://targetwebsite.com/product_id/\"}]"

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